About Bolt Shpk

Bolt Ltd is a company operating in the design and manufacturing of furniture products for nearly 10
years, including: furnishing of apartments, villas, hotels, bars, restaurants, educational institutions
offices, etc.
Bolt Ltd has more than 5 years that trades outdoor products to meet the growing demand of different
institutions and associations for these products in organizing their activities.
Regard to these products, Bolt Ltd is in the latest steps to provide exclusivity from European leader
companies such as KONG SPA, CAMP Italy, DMM Engineering International Ltd. operating in outdoor
Our strength to move forward is in the combination of highly skilled high tech staff.
We offer our customers the opportunity to choose their products with low cost and quality assurance.
Our staff is always ready to help you and give you ideas and solutions tailored to your environment
through 3D presentations. We offer you study and processing your environment so you can have your
home as you dream it.
Our products are based on the creation of new contemporary models, selection of raw materials:
accessories, textiles and woodcuts.
All of our products are certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001-2015 and 14001-2004, ISO 18001: 2007
CERTIFICATION from accredited international institutions.